AnyCam recently spoke to director Chistiaan Blok about getting his start as a director for hire, working for agencies and working on TVC’s and branded content. We talked through his early work and spoke about what a director does and how he got his start.


Hi, I’m Christiaan Blok. I’m a Sydney based freelance director working in the branded content, TV and corporate space. I started working as a runner on music videos and TV commercials. At the same time I was also trying to get as much hands-on experience through volunteering on short films & community television

My favorite aspect about my job is being able to collaborate and bounce ideas off the talented and fun individuals I get to work with. No two days are alike and I often enjoy the unpredictability of it all. TV drama is somewhere I’d ideally like to be headed so I’m trying to learn as much as a can through my professional work as well as short films, music videos and creative ‘for-the-love’ projects.

Any Camera Will Do have asked me to have a look over some of my older work and give some insights into the commercial film making process. If you have any questions, I’m happy to respond below.


Director Christiaan Blok on directing:

We were approached by the makers of Legendary Suitjamas to create a piece of branded content that would give online viewers a laugh and generate interest in the product. The product itself is a pair of silky pajamas for the discerning gentlemen.

Our final concept was based around two characters who went on a kooky adventure whilst sleep walking. One character was wearing the product, the other wasn’t.

Case Study: Director Christiaan Blok Godfather Lawyers TVC & Lord Of The Rings Lawyers TVC

A law firm sponsored the film festival one year and wanted a series of legal themed comic spoofs of famous films to play before screenings.

Our concept was a series of spoofs where a nosey lawyer character would interject and ruin key scenes in famous movies.

Part of the same series. Who’s to argue when you get to recreate Middle Earth in a studio in suburban Sydney?

Godfather Lawyers TVC:

Lord of the Rings Lawyers TVC:

Suitjammas Branded Content:


More Info!

You can check out more of director Christiaan Blok’s work here

More Case Studies?

This has been a bit of an experiment with content for the AnyCam site. If you like the idea or have some comments about how we can make this sort of thing more interesting or useful, let us know. We ware going to continue to talk to industry professionals about their craft and hopefully bring you some kick ass info you can put to use. – Nat J

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