On December 11 2014, AnyCameraWillDo hosted the highly anticipated inaugural ‘Filmmakers Talk’ event at the Harold Park Hotel in Glebe.

The packed-out venue was treated to three successful Australian filmmakers; each sharing trade secrets, their  unique experiences on set and valuable insights on how to take your creative project from script to screen.

Highly acclaimed  cinematographer Simon Morris discusses his cinematic sensibilities and working in challenging environments for ABC  commissioned documentary ‘Changing Minds’; an intriguing foray into the lives of those afflicted with mental illness.

Simon Morris on the ABC’s Changing Minds:

Multi-talented writer/director/actor Johan Earl details his adventure of mud, blood and pyrotechnics  with world war 1 epic ‘Forbidden Ground’ and the financial benefits of keeping your digital effects team ‘in house’.

 Johan Earl on Forbidden Ground:

The powerhouse trio behind zombie action film ‘Wyrmwood’; Kiah Roache-Turner (writer/director), his  brother Tristan Roache-Turner (co-producer/writer/production design) and Tim Nagle (Director of Photography), chat about  employing non-traditional tactics to create and succeed across genre and platform, provide inspirational advice to young  filmmakers and entertain with their gruesome tales of blood, guts and glory.

Kiah & Tristan Roache Turner and Tim Nagle on Wyrmwood:

Next time on AnyCameraWillDo

Wanna  pick the brain of industry professionals like Simon, Johan or the Wyrmwood boys? Learn first-hand what it takes to survive in  the industry? Then be sure to drag yourself and a mate along to the AnyCameraWillDo Filmmakers Talk round 2! We will have dates for next year up soon.

Special thanks to sponsors Lemac, Rode Microphones & Jackson Speed for their support and awesome prizes. We gave out a bunch of amazing giveaways so big thanks to those guys.


Some Photos!!!..

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