We are heading to the pub on the 26th of August for a drink and probably some chips and to talk a whole lot of film stuffs with any one who wants to join in. So that means you should come too!
Its all welcome, free event. Invite your friends, your neighbors or the girl down the street. Everyone is invited!


The Harold Park Hotel
70A Ross Street
Glebe, New South Wales


At 7:00pm
Wednesday the 26th of August


Just for the LoLz
We’re going for a drink n thought you guys n gals might like to join us 🙂

We will probably drag Kit McDee (director of the hunters club) and Nicholas Andrew Halls (Producer of 54Days and Justin Lewis (DP of TV series RV Rampage and What happens in Sunny Beach) along with us as well as a bunch of other film peeps if you wanna talk shop and steal their secrets (that’s what I like to do)

So come join us for some chin wagging action!


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