Lost in the Blue Mountains, covered in mud and blood is where you would have found DOP Tim Nagle over the last few years. He talks to AnyCameraWillDo about shooting the indie Zombie Action Feature: Wyrmwood

Some where between Zombie film: 28 days later, and Action Film: Mad Max you find Wyrmwood, an Australian made independent feature film. Funded mostly through Crowd funding and the teams own money, made by a band of merry volunteers, Wyrmwood is an ambitious and gory action film that has taken 3 years of weekends and a whole lot of dedication to complete.

Almost there!

And Complete is almost is! The Director Kiah Roache-Turner recently put up on facebook that the edit had been completed and was looking awesome. You can check out their Facebook page here.

They have recently reached their crowd funding goal for post production so will be adding all sorts of post effects. This is to go along with all the practical effects they put into the film already. You see this is not your usual indie feature. Wyrmwood has been filled with stunts, effects, prosthetics, blood and some sweet looking custom-zombie-killing vehicles. So with it almost finished lets find out how they got it all done, starting with DOP Tim Nagle.


Wyrmwood DOP Tim Nagle:

Nothing worthwhile is easy

Shot on different formats, over 3 years, using their own money and crowd funding, doing what ever it takes. You gotta love people like theses guys. The Wyrmwood team have taken on a huge project that must have seemed occasionally impossible, and they have gotten it done. They amassed a hugely capable team and managed to keep up the enthusiasm and productivity for 3 years, no mean feat!


It all Started with this short film:


Fresh Ideas

Part of the projects success has to be down to the director & producers enthusiasm as well as an incredibly strong concept. By creating something so distinctive and fresh they have been able to attract capable people for the cast and the crew, people such as Tim Nagle.

Another interesting thing to note about the project is the regular updates and releases of videos, photos and other media. This helped keep people engaged and return a sense of accomplishment all along the way.


We will hopefully be talking to the Director of Wyrmwood, Kiah Roache-Turner soon so stay tuned 🙂




But wait there’s more..

You can follow whats going on with Wyrmwood on their Twitter here, or their Facebook page here.

Got any questions for Tim? Hit us up in the comments below and we will chase him down for some more info. You can find Tim’s site here.


Tim’s show reel:


While your at it…

In the mean time take a look at some of the Wyrmwood behind the scenes videos below.



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