Film Maker Johan Earl talks to us about Forbidden Ground, the new independent feature film by the Writer, Director and leading actor. The WW1 Action-Drama film, which stars Johan as the lead character, was written over 4 weeks and has recently been successfully sold to several overseas markets including Germany and the United States.



Forbid Johan 1Johan Earl is a man of many talents. He has previously been involved in several films and TV shows as an actor, an Armorer and a Writer, as well as being involved in special effects and visual effects. It’s from this position of experience and involvement that Johan has been able to achieve  the completion and sale of Forbidden Ground.

It started as a small concept for a low-budget film but has morphed into a much bigger scale production, one with all the difficulties normally associated with a big production but with out the easy solutions big productions can usually bring to bear. Even with all the difficulties and challenges (read intense lack of sleep, tortured bodies) Johan has pulled together an amazingly talented team, including co-Director Adrian Powers, and a fantastic production. Make sure you check out the trailer embedded at the top of this post.

The fact that Lionsgate were so keen to distribute the film in North America, straight off the back of the impressive trailer alone, is testament to what the team has created while crawling around in the mud in Dubbo NSW Australia. Mud and creators which were created using real explosives to get that WW1 scorched earth look.

With a successful feature film in the bag and opportunities opening up around the world, Johan is already hard at work with his next film, an Action Adventure set in Nepal & India. So while we are all eagerly awaiting to hear how that goes, take a moment to enjoy some fantastic insights from the Writer-Actor-Director, about the film making process and what it takes to get things done:


Johan Earl on Getting to where he is and Writing:


Johan Earl on the Production Process:


Johan Earl’s tips for Film Makers:


Release info:

Forbidden Ground is slated for release in the USA in November and in December for Australia, so keep an eye out for it. In some regions the Film is being released under the title Battle Ground.

Forbid Poster

I want to know more!

If you have any questions or thoughts about Forbidden Ground or any questions for Johan Earl in general, leave them in the comments below and we will pass them on to him and hit him up for some more info.

You can find the Film’s FaceBook page here
You can find the imdb page here

Be sure to check out the film when it screens in your area.


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