Papa’s Sonata is ambitious in every sense of the word. Taking four years to complete and coming in with a run time of just 18 minutes, it was a serious undertaking from creator and perfectionist Marcus Graham.

His passion for the film is without question, taking on several roles himself (including writer, director, animator and editor) he completely immersed himself in the project until it’s completion in January of this year.

“It’s very easy to look at a big project and get overwhelmed, for me I just try to focus on each individual section”.

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It is prudent to mention here that the most recent Any Camera Will Do networking event helped Marcus get the film across the line. He won the pitching contest and was awarded a $1600.00 voucher for the Sydney Sound Brewery run by respected sound editor and mixer John Hresc.

Using that to its full advantage, Marcus was able to strip down and complete the sound mix for Papa’s Sonata, a film heavily reliant on its score and sound effects, whittling the sound track down to something workable.

“What I had was a bit cluttered and John kind of stripped it back a little and focused on the main sections that really mattered”.

Interview with Marcus:


The lessons learned by Marcus could be considered harsh but have no doubt added to his resolve and made his determination to continue even stronger.

“As long as you are out there doing it, working on the film you want to make, then you are already successful.”



Papa’s Sonata is now up on Youtube and Vimeo.

You can learn more about the film here.


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