Producer Lucy Vecchio and Writer Director Andrew Bennett have recently finished production on their latest short entitled BURN. Having won the 2012 Future Film Screenplay Award for the BURN script Andrew couldn’t rest on his laurels and went about putting the script into action with the help of Producer Lucy Vecchio. Lucy and Andrew sit down with us and talk about the process.

Andrew wrote the script for BURN with the mind-set of creating something achievable but also creatively satisfying. By minimizing the number of locations, scenes and actors he was able to craft a tight, engaging story as well as something that could assist the production process. This also got the attention of the judges at the 2012 Future Film Screenplay Competition where BURN was performed on stage in front of a panel of judges by actors Alan Faulkner and Robin Queree.

log line:
Two aging brothers trying to shake off a mischievous past are once again in hot water after a chance encounter with an old friend.

After winning the Future Film Screenplay award the gauntlet was thrown down and Andrew couldn’t let the script be left unproduced. Bring on Lucy Vecchio, the hurdles of building a set, assembling the right production team and finding the perfect bath!

The film centers around two actors and a bath tub so consideration for the working environment of the actors and the crew had to be taken into account. This meant finding the perfect bath, one that not only looked right but could also function comfortably as a place an actor could inhabit for an extended period of time. Not an easy task. But as luck would have it Lucy found the perfect specimen out the front of someones house. A knock on the door and a conversation later led Andrew to Lucy’s find and the film was on its way.

Take a look at Lucy and Andrews interview as they talk about production, funding, and the benefits of film school.

Lucy & Andrew on BURN:


The film was shot over the course of three days. The team built a set at Callan Park in Rozelle. Callan Park is an old mental hospital spanning over 60 hectares in the inner west of Sydney. It was the perfect place for set to be built. Check out the set building time lapse below:

Set Building Time Lapse:

They chose to shoot on the Red Scarlet due to availability and affordability and they used a combination of Cine lenses and stills lenses. Other equipment put in play included a Jib, Dolly and even a skateboard to get a tracking shot when the Dolly was not available on one of the days.


What now?

Once the film is finished the post process and out in the festival circuit we will update you all with any news and info as soon as we hear it 🙂

For more info..

Take a look  at the BURN Facebook page here.

You can find Lucy Vecchio’s website here

And Andrew has a musical background and his band is called The Great Conjunction, So check it out 🙂

If you have any questions, hit us up in the comments below and we will hit Lucy and Andrew up to fill us in.

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