You know how hard it is to get a feature film made outside of the studio system? It’s like fighting a war! You need a whole lot of passion, attitude, determination and will, a whole lot of will. These are the things you can find in spades when you meet Kiah Roache-Turner, the director of indie feature Wrymwood, the Zombie filled MadMax inspired action thriller that’s busting out from down under!1973788_723191867733519_506625097356289262_o(We also recently spoke to the DOP from Wyrmwood, Tim Nagle, you can catch that interview here.)

Wyrmwood has been a long running fight, one that has taken its toll and left the team bloodied, cold and scared, but has it been worth it? Absolutely, after talking to director Kiah Roache-Turner and checking out the opening of the film, all you can do is get excited.

You see, most low-budget or indie films are small by design and requirement. It’s hard to make something big in concept or scope when you don’t have a whole lot of money and a studio behind you. But some times some one has the audacity to ignore what they don’t have and just go and make what they want, the way they want. Enter Wyrmwood.

What the hell?

Wyrmwood is a post apocalyptic action thriller set in Australia. There are zombies, fast cars, guns, and lots of blood. The director, Kiah Roache-Turner, started making the film 3 and a half years ago and has given every spare moment, weekend and even quit his job for it. Kiah has both directed the film and produced it with his brother. And it is now almost finished.


Take a look at part 1 of the interview with Director Kiah Roache-Turner:

We have contact!

The Wyrmwood team have been heavily connected to their audience and their collaborative community through twitter, Facebook and regular updates. This has been key to rallying such a big project forward over the years and keeping it in people’s mind. We first heard about Wyrmwood from an actor on one of the films we were working on. By the end of our shoot the whole crew were interested in the crazy Zombie film being shot on weekends in the Blue Mountains. So we had to find out more. But more importantly that kind of interest is how you get talented people to help out when there is no budget, you have people who WANT to help out, they WANT to give you their time.

Take a look at part 2 of the interview with Director Kiah Roache-Turner:


Getting a move on

These guys have achieved an amazing feat, they have created an exciting, action packed indie feature. I have to say how much I have been impressed with these guys. They haven’t done it by working with industry people during their free time that know how its done, they have done it by just going out there and doing it, doing it with what they had, with people who were motivated, with incredible amounts of passion and effort, getting wet, cold, hurt, tired but getting out there repeatedly and kept going till it was done.

I know how hard it can be to finish a short film let alone a feature and also how easy it is to let something falter and end, unfinished. But to keep going over three years and to rally enough people together to make a production of this scale is bloody difficult, luckily for us the result is equally bloody and passion filled.

People like Kiah Roache-Turner are destined to go onto amazing projects and we are really excited to see where he goes and also to see the sometimes truculent Australian film industry dragged forward. We will update you with more Wyrmwood info as soon as we know.


So where can I learn more?

Wyrmwood is getting wrapped up and will be on the big screens in the near future. In the mean time take a look at their Face book page here. You can also find the Wyrmwood Instagram here. or on twitter @wyrmwoodmovie

And if you have any questions for Kiah, let us know in the comments below and we will hit him up for more info.


Take a look at some funny BTS stuff at the Wyrmwood YouTube channel as well

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  • Christiaan Blok

    Thanks for the article! I’m so ridiculously excited about the release of this film!

    • Nathaniel C T Jackson

      No problem Christiaan! Kiah has offer to let us put up the opening scene to the movie in the next few weeks so stay tuned and we will bring you more exciting info!

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