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Travis Bain makes tracks with ‘THROWBACK’

Wanna make a film for $4000AUD & get worldwide distribution? Australian filmmaker Travis Bain’s explosive 2014 adventure feature ‘Throwback’ will stand you in good stead!

An ambitious film with an equally ambitious plot that follows a duo of treasure hunters who tangle with the ferocious ‘Yowie’ (Australia’s answer to bigfoot) in a savage battle for survival… Read more

Sofya Gollan’s ‘Gimpsey’

From humble beginnings sing-signing on Australian TV show ‘Play School’ in the early 90’s to helming a plethora of award winning shorts and the successful triple AFI nominated feature Preservation (2003), writer/director Sofya Gollan now serves up ‘Gimpsey’ in 2015 – a (currently crowdfunding) short drama that revolves around a young disabled woman dealing with a dissolving friendship & new romances. Read more

Speed Networking with MetroScreen

Right out of the gate, we know what’s on your mind. Yes. Speed-networking is exactly like speed-dating. Only, instead of waking up the next morning with a pounding headache in a stranger’s bedroom to the sound of bacon sizzling elsewhere in the foreign apartment, you might instead find yourself shooting a feature film. Or writing that web series you’ve always dreamed of. Or producing a TVC for a high-end advertiser. Read more