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Get ready for AnyCameraWillDo Film Makers Talk #3! is kicking off 2016 with Film Makers’ Talk #3, a free industry event at the Harold Park Hotel in Glebe on the 24th of February at 7pm.

What is it?

Join us for a fun night with cool and determined film makers talking about making it in the Australian film industry.

We are excited to welcome film makers Joseph Sims-Dennett & Josh Zammit from the new horror “Observance”, as well as writer/director Jesse O’Brien from the sci-fi feature “Arrowhead”. They will be talking to us on how they made their films, what they’ve learnt, and there’re bound to be all kinds of crazy stories!

There will be food and drink and a load of fantastic people to meet so this is sure to be another fantastic night!

Don’t believe us? You can check out the event from last year here.

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We usually envision a micro budget feature as a story presenting a confined world, restricting a small cast to one or two locations. But Crushed expresses grander aspirations, evident from the opening aerial shot over a sprawling vineyard, the subsequent scenes indulging in numerous locations across a rural town and the casting of name performers.

For a team working on a first feature – including writer, director and producer Megan Riakos, producer and star Sarah Bishop and DOP Michael Steel – this commitment to play it big without yielding to the lack of budget and production time epitomizes the spirit of Crushed. Read more