Before the rise of social media, word of mouth was really the only way to get bums in seats, to bring people together and share the cinematic experience.

Then, Hollywood and the indie scene coupled with technology, took leaps and bounds by adopting its most interactive form of communicating with its audience to date.

This allowed filmmakers from all walks, to build up a large social media presence and essentially promote their own films and projects. Testament to such a notion be the passionate team behind the rip-roaring Other World; an independent Aussie feature that tips its hat to the era of classic 1950’s science fiction.

“It’s aliens, guns ‘n’ bad guys”

Other World is an adventure set in two different time-periods. An impending visit by extra-terrestrials is discovered by Government Agents. Ten years later, we discover the outcome of the extra-terrestrial visit…

Much in the mould of its predecessors, Other World was made on a shoestring. Embracing the DSLR format – DOP Jack Kelly shot the whole film on a Canon 60D.

Writer/director Stuart White and crew provide insight:

Not all independent filmmakers will have an audience of millions, though even a bare bones marketing campaign can catch like wildfire if the right group catches wind. One particularly effective tactic is reaching out to a built-in market.

“If you’re producing a sci-fi that features aliens, why not reach out to that ever-devoted fan community?”

The industry has always been about who you know and who you can reach and social media expands the filmmaker’s ability to build connections.

Engaging one’s fans in a direct fashion can build excitement and trust in your projects by making them feel like they are part of the process. With a clever strategy and open mind, social media can catapult your project into the spotlight.

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