The night sky lights up in a brilliant trail of fire as a meteorite plunges to earth in Terminus, the new scifi epic from director Marc Furmie and lensed by cinematographer Kieran Fowler. recently sat down with Kieran and talked to the young hot-shot about making the film.

Terminus is Kieran’s second feature film, his first, Duong dua, was shot in Vietnam. Terminus on the other hand is shot here in Australia, but set in the mid west of America. Take a look at the trailer below:


Kieran Fowler is a young cinematographer who is working in the world of commercials and music videos who, oddly enough, never planned on being a cinematographer. Nowadays he helms the camera department of many a cool project. The Cinematographer states that he always chooses to operate the camera when he can.

He recently worked with Director Marc Furmie on Terminus and the pair have a healthy respect for the idea that what the film needs should dictate the Cinematographers choices. So it was the script and the collaborative vision with director Mac Furmie that led Kieran to choose to shoot the film on the Arri Alexa and Panavision anamorphic lenses.

“Responding to the story should drive your cinematic choices”

Kieran made use of the Anamorphic look by purposely included many lights in the frame, allowing the anamorphic lenses to flare with that iconic blue horizontal flare seen in so many classic science fiction films. He also used the lenses wide open in certain scenes that could make use of the softer images that lenses create when set to their widest aperture. Its all too easy to get too focused on resolution according to Kieran and if the story calls for a super sharp clinical look you can get it but his advice is to not be afraid of a more muted, muddy look if the script demands it.

Cinematographer Kieran Fowler:

Kieran is at the start of what is sure to be an exciting career. His approach on being flexible and responding to the location and the source material will be sure to land him on some high-profile projects in the future. Be sure to check out his work in Terminus when it comes to cinemas later in the year!

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You can read and watch the article and interview with Marc Furmie here.

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