I recently went on a camping trip to Mt Kosciuszko National Park. I decided to take some camera kit with me and do a wee bit of shooting.

I learned a few things that I didn’t expect. Firstly that going on holiday and shooting are not that easy to combine, primarily because you get a rather annoyed girlfriend and you don’t relax as you are to concerned about the next shot, at least that’s how it ended up for me. Secondly, how good the little GH1 really is. It’s a cracking little camera. I kind of forgot about it as I use the AF100 and C300 so often its kind of been side lined.

I took it with me as it’s the camera I can most do with out if I damaged it or lost it. I used the Lumix 14 – 140 mm lens which is quite good and nice and sharp. The OIS is a nice feature and in a bright situation with big landscapes it’s a versatile lens. I have often derided it as it’s a bit slow for every day shooting at F4 – 5.6 but for this sort of thing its perfect.

The other thing I learned was how satisfying it is to shoot random little things and edit them together with some music and show your friends. Its much more interesting to show your friends a 2 minute video about your camping trip than a bunch of boring photos of you in your underwear by the fire eating out of a can.

Take a look here:

Kit Used

Panasonic GH1
Lumix 14 – 140
Miller DS20 Solo

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