Hey Every one,

Here are the rules for our $1600 Sydney Sound Brewery give away:

Any Camera Will Do is giving away a $1600 Sound Recording Package courtesy of Sydney Sound Brewery, at the event on the 8th of December, 7pm at Harold Park Hotel.

Anyone who is about to enter post production or is about to shoot a film and needs access to a Sound Studio can enter.

The Sydney Sound Brewery Package consisting of 2 8 hour sound session to the value of $1600.

Contestants have the chance to Pitch the room their project and convince us of its merits in less than 3 minutes.

  • You must have a project in production, just about to enter production or post to be eligible. You will then get the chance to pitch your project to the crowd for your chance to win.
  • The prize will be given to the winner of a “Pitching Session” at the end of the night. You must be present to be eligible for the Pitching session and for the final announcement. If not you forfeit.
  • The winner will be chosen by audience vote (raising of hands), most hands up, as determined by the judges, will be the winner.
  • Each pitch has a maximum of 3 minutes. Time limits are strictly enforced.
  • You must register before the event to be eligible.
    To register:
    1. You must clicking “going” on the event page. (this page: Event page link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/719709808180999/ )
  • 2. Then send us a PM (To the AnyCameraWillDo Facebook Page) with your:
  1. Name
    2. Project Name
    3. A single (1 only) promotional still or frame grab from your project
    4. Contact phone number.


Your single image (1 only) will be up on the projector screen & live stream during your pitch. The picture you send through must not be too graphic or sexual in nature or you will be disqualified (Our discretion)

If you don’t have one or more of: your Names, Phone number, Project name & image or have registered before the event starts, you will not be eligible.

There will be no trailers, film clips or any more than the single image used in your pitch.

All judges decisions are final and binding & we can arbitrarily make our minds up as we wish. We aim to be fair and wont let any one “game” the system.

Also, anyone who is a close friend of Nat J or James BF is not eligible to win!

Any questions, hit us up in the comments below.

Best of luck!!

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