We caught up with Mark Tipple, Australian photographer and film maker. His work is mostly focused around the ocean, he spends most days in the water and he currently lives in his van.Mark has been shooting for the past decade and found an affinity with the ocean. Since then he has moved away from the constraints of shooting only for clients and began putting a priority on shooting for him self.

This has led to film making road trips, involvements with interesting people, inspirational stories and a host of global charities & humanitarian organizations. The break from rent and a fixed location also gives Mark the freedom to go anywhere and do what he wants. Though he does sometimes miss the warm showers and conveniences of a fix home some times.

Interestingly enough his choice to move away from the standard model of shooting for clients has led to a strong independent career. His short film ‘Duck Tape Surfing’ has found viral success, he is regularly working and traveling around shooting amazing images.  Mark talks to us about film making, licensing, working with agencies, underwater photography & more:

Mark Tipple

Duck Tape Surfing

Check out his crowdfunded viral video ‘Duct Tape Surfing’ about a paraplegic woman fulfilling her dream of becoming a surfer:

For more information take a look at Mark’s site here

And check out Marks Blog here and his Facebook page here

If you have any questions for Mark, hit us up in the comments bellow and we will chase him down for some more info.


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