In 2011, Enzo Tedeschi co-wrote and co-produced the nail-biting local indie horror film ‘The Tunnel’ and frightened audiences worldwide. Since then, he has founded the independent production and distribution company Deadhouse Films which has recently finished production on the exciting new sci-fi web-series ‘Airlock’.

In his interview with Any Camera Will Do, Tedeschi (producer and co-writer) talks about delivering ‘Airlock’ from concept to distribution and how they managed to pull off a “big scale look” with a total budget of $600k. Check out Tedeschi’s interview to learn more about the journey of ‘Airlock’, finding an audience and tips on how to market and distribute indie films online:

Writer/Producer Enzo Tedeschi on Airlock:

‘Airlock’ was the largest project Tedeschi has ever worked on as the producer and one of the main challenges was the sheer scale of the series with a limited budget, which they were able to overcome with the help of the enthusiasm of Sydney’s film-making community who went “above and beyond” in bringing this story to life. His connection with filmmakers Matthew Graham and Shane Abbess also proved to be serendipitous, as the set for ‘Airlock’ was partly recycled from the materials used in their indie sci-fi ‘Infini’!

“Science fiction works really well when you’ve got something to say”

The script evolved and changed significantly when Tedeschi gave it to director Marc Furmie and co-writer Shiyan Zheng to rework so that they could add their own voices to it, and for Tedeschi everything came together when they finally worked out what the story wanted to say on a “social commentary level”. Tedeschi believes that the key to any successful film is finding the balance between making something that’s meaningful to yourself and something which the audience will respond to.

Top producing and marketing tips from Enzo Tedeschi:

  • Know where to cut corners without compromising on quality.
  • Make what you want to watch, but also what the audience will want to see.
  • Be smart with marketing by finding a captive audience online.

Keen to check out ‘Airlock’? Watch the entire first episode for free here.


For Deadhouse Film’s webpage go here.
For Enzo Tedeschi’s IMDB filmography, go here.


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