We talk to Director of Photography Matt Gorrie. Matt has recently been working on the latest Music Video for Jezzabel Doran, full of clever VFX and steadicam work. Matt talks about his recent shoots and how he went about lighting them.

Matt Gorrie is often found hard at work on the sets of commercials and music videos. He’s made his way up the ladder that is the film industry via a less conventional way, starting in post, then ENG style shooting and moving into more demanding shoots and onto the role of DOP.

Matt has worked with different crews all over the world from Australia & Asia all the way to the other end of the globe in the UK. His works include many television commercials, promos, music videos, web media, short films, several documentaries, lifestyle television shows and corporate videos.

With such a verity of experience has also come an opportunity to use some exciting equipment, including high-speed cameras such as the Weisscam HS2, Photron and Phantom, making Matt’s technical knowledge a serious asset especially in the fast paced world of Commercials. Because of this Matt has made use of his knowledge base and has often work with companies as a consultant as well as a DOP.

Recently Matt has worked on music videos for Reece Masters as well as the upcoming music video for Jezzabel Doran.

Take a look at Matt’s interview below:

Matt Gorrie’s Interview:



Reece Masters music Video

I want to know more!!!

So if you have any questions for Matt, leave them in the comments below and we can hit him up for some more information. In the mean time, take a look at some of Matt’s tips for film makers below:

Take a look at some of Matt’s Tips for Film Makers:


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