We have had a great start to AnyCameraWillDo.com and we have had a great year working with some amazing people. While you are all enjoying the holiday season and hopefully taking some time off, take a look at some of the sage advice from the people we have spoken with this year. There will be more in the coming year so stay tuned 🙂

The Cinematographer

First up is the down to earth, hard working, award winning, and all around nice guy: Cinematographer Simon Morris.

See more from Simon Morris here.


The Writer

He keeps going, learning every step of the way, the impressive, the unstoppable: Writer, Director Matt Graham.

See more from Writer, Director Matt Graham here.


The Actor

Next up is the multi-talented, super determined, Actor, Writer, Director: Johan Earl.

See more from Writer,Director,Actor Johan Earl here.


The Director

Director, Writer and man on a mission: Toby Morris.

See more from Director Toby Morris here.



Set chill factor to 100%, cool, calm and focused Director of Photography: Matt Gorrie.

See more from DOP Matt Gorrie here

Next year we are going to be talking to some super cool people as well as getting into some exciting projects. So we will keep you all updated and let you know how it goes, what works, what we get wrong and most importantly share with you what we learn along the way.

Happy Holidays every one and Merry Christmas 🙂

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